Flushfloor or office desks service outlet boxes

ATQ has expanded the product line of electrical boxes with the addition of the new models QES2 and GCQ2, suitable for raised floors, concrete floor and office desks.

Service outlet boxes are used for feeding workstations with energy and telecommunication mechanisms in existing or new offices, malls, showrooms, call centers, banks, laboratories and others.

The capacity of power modules and connectors for telephony and data varies from 2 to 12 depending on the model and configuration required for each user.

Another feature is the minimum height required for assembly facility estimated at 65 mm for the model GCQ2 and adjustable from 75 to 110 mm for the model GCQ2.

Both models are provided with the necessary parts for mounting to raised floor or underfloor boxes for installation in concrete floor.


We recently added mounting plates to accommodate different brands of modules available in the market in our surface boxes, and cover plates for trunking system for wall, telescope columns and minicolumns, allowing us to open our presence in the other countries which use other outlets and/or connectors.

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